Key Benefits of Subscribing To Energy Price Forecasts

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Individual and professionals that regularly trade energy markets known that these markets are extremely volatile. Energy commodities like Crude Oil and Natural Gas have undergone big price swings during the last decade. WTI Crude Oil touched high levels of $147 in July 2008, and then touched a low level of $32 a couple of months later. Later, prices rebounded to go up to levels of $115, and again fell to very low levels of $26. More recently, Natural gas rose to three five-year highs on November 2018 only to challenge three-year lows in April 2019. Simply said, anyone that trades energy commodities should be alert to the risk involved and should use an accurate energy price forecast to profit from price volatility.

In this Article, the benefits of the Kase Commentaries on Natural Gas and Crude Oil energy forecast are reviewed. Also explained, is the way these near-term forecasts may be useful for your trade decisions.

Gauge Market Trends

The foremost benefit of a technical analysis based energy price forecast is that it provides information regarding the direction of the market. The technical analysis allows you to gauge the market mood and the way it will likely turn in the near future. An energy forecast is written by a reputed energy price forecaster, such as Kase and Company, allows you to obtain a real picture of the market, and in turn, allows you to make informed decisions.

Apart from providing an understanding of the direction of the market, the price forecasts by a technical analyst tell you the strength of the trend, support and resistance targets, and the probabilities for meeting and holding those levels. In this manner, you can make sound trade decisions that help mitigate losses and allow profits to run.

Trends and Corrections Are Distinct

The energy commodities markets are volatile with regards to price, so corrections happen frequently. Hence, it is pertinent to decipher the major trends, if those trends have ended, and when the market is in a corrective phase. When you know all this, you are better positioned to determine the right strategy to implement, what time frame to watch, and the level of risk to take.

Gauge Market Strength

You may run into other predictions made by professionals on the energy markets. However, rarely do they predict the strength of market trends and corrections. An energy forecast based on technical analysis can provide an accurate prediction not only on the direction of the market but also the likely strength of the directional trend or correction.

Gauge Market Direction

Gauging the market direction is the most difficult and the most important in trading. Energy forecast provided by a veteran market technician and forecaster will help you find whether the market is in an upward or downward trend, and also if it is in a sideways corrective phase. A forecast such as this will be very crucial in helping you make accurate trade decisions.

Get One-on-One Support

By opting to subscribe to the Kase Commentaries, you will also receive their one-on-one support. Suitable for both new and seasoned energy commodities traders, They will allow you to customize strategies to meet your objectives and risk appetite.


To give a conclusion, you are able to receive a large range of benefits by subscribing to an accurate energy forecast and daily commentaries. These forecasts are based on technical analysis and allow you to maximize returns, minimize losses, and mitigate risks posed by the volatile market conditions. A company or an individual that regularly trade energy can benefit from these energy price forecasts, natural gas forecasts, and crude oil forecasts.
These energy price forecasts given by market technicians are easy to understand, for both novice and seasoned traders. So, it is a good idea to subscribe to these energy forecasts, because it brings many benefits which may not be available in the predictions made pundits that are not based on technical analysis and are mere speculation. Besides, you also get their one-on-one support, which is very important in the end when it comes to making the right trade decisions.

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The author of the article Cynthia A. Kase is an expert on crude oil, refined products, trading and hedging, energy forecast , ongoing market support, strategic, defensive hedging services, including custom trading and risk analysis, trader risk limits, and storage analysis primarily in the energy market. She additional offerings include educational tutorials for use of beginners as well as veteran market traders and technicians.

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