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TradeQQ is devoted to build the most international community media platform in financial field. With many years of development, TradeQQ has become the fastest-growing financial data and professional platform for more than 2 million traders around the world.

We instantly deliver economic data and releases, as well as key news from government and central banks, macro-economic analysis and market research covering global macro economy and financial markets. Since we founded TradeQQ, we broke out of Chinese Market and have launched full suite Internet products, including Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, Portuguese, Italian versions with App (iOS and Android), Terminal (Windows and Mac) and website to improve our user experience.

Who we are?

TradeQQ is an ambitious and dynamic company that cares about our users’ needs and expectations. We keep creating the most useful and innovative products with split-view function for traders and analysts when working on PC terminal. Our internationalized professional platform is liked by users and partners worldwide.

Our Mission: Connect Global Intelligence.
Core Value: Professional  Sharing  Innovative


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